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its been a while

I havent been on here for a long LONG time now and thought it was time for an update

Todays lunch - Fish fingers, rice and salad with tonkatsu sauce and one of my GIANT cupcakes :)



Pasta lunch

Pasta Bows with veggie bolognaise, fetta and olives :D

Realy need to start getting back into making bentos... have been too damn busy :(

Chilli Lunch

Today was a quick one lol. Beanfeast chilli, home grown courgette, red pepper and rice :) YUM!


Squishy Onigiri!

It was my friend Megumi's birhthday over the weekend and I made her these.... Squishy Onigiri :D
She LOVED them! YAY ^_^


This weeks bento... forgot to post!


2 Matching bento: Tomato Ebly, Potato/coleslaw salad, Italian easter cookie, bean burger with nori hearts ontop, beetroot.

Lone bento: Tomato Ebly, 1/2 salmon parcel, chilli crackers and cheese, italian easter cookie.


Breakfast Bento

I fancyed a breakfast for lunch so made a breakfast bento :D

Mmmmmmmmm BreakfastCollapse )Mmmmmmmmm BreakfastCollapse )


Quiche Bento

I woke up early today so decided to make a nice bento...

Contains -
Quiche without the pastry - were cooked by steaming them for 5 mins.
Tomato sauce uner the quiche
freid green pumpkin
spiced ebly
radish flowers


Pesto Veggie Chicken

This morning I decided to make Pesto with the basil plant I have which is ever growing!

Pesto - Basil, pine nuts, salt, garlic, olive oil and cheese all smashed up together :D YUM!

Simple but yummy!


90th Bento!

I was in a bit of a rush this morning so nothing special just leftovers AGAIN :( but its bento number 90!! WOOT!!!!

Bento number 90...Collapse )